Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Cholesterol is not your enemy!

It never ceases to amaze me when I tell people how many eggs I eat in a day or how much bacon, grass-fed butter, coconut oil I consume the response I get is "that's a lot of fat and cholesterol!"

"Saturated fat and cholesterol in the diet are not the cause of coronary heart disease.  That myth is the greatest 'scientific' deception of the century and perhaps any century."
-George V. Mann, M.D. professor of Biochemistry and Medicine

The truth that the government, "Scientist," and drug companies will never tell you is that cholesterol does not cause heart disease, and low cholesterol does not prevent heart disease.  Cholesterol is not the cause to arterial damage but is actually there to repair and protect the arteries from further damage.  The question should not be if your cholesterol is "high" or "low" but "what has caused the tear in the artery that caused the body to send cholesterol to repair it?"  We have been asking the wrong question and just masking the real problem AND actually fighting our natural response/healer (cholesterol). 

Here are 13 Very Important Facts to know about Cholesterol:
1.  Cholesterol is produced by the body in larger quantities relative to other substances.
2.  All cells contain it and tissues make it.
3.  Cholesterol is so important that every cell regulates its own level internally.
4.  Cholesterol gives cell membranes their integrity and strength: without cholesterol we would be soft, flabby, and worm-like.
5.  Cholesterol enhances the permeability-barrier properties of the lipid by-layer.  This means that nutrients get in and impurities are kept out.
6.  Bone would be hollow and brittle if it were not for cholesterol and protein.
7.  Cholesterol had a major structural role in the brain, where it is found in high concentrations.
8.  Cholesterol enables nerve impulses.
9.  Vitamin D is made from the interaction between cholesterol and sunlight hitting your skin, so that calcium can be utilized.  A defective cholesterol structure is at the heart of sun-cancer issues. 
10.  Bile, manufactured by the liver and essential for proper fat digestion is produced from cholesterol.  A major portion of the body's cholesterol is used by the liver to produce bile salts.  These salts are crucial in digestion to make sure fats get broken down and that oil-soluble vitamins (A, D, E, K) get utilized
11.  Cholesterol is essential for the liver and intestines to function properly.
12.  Cholesterol protects the skin again absorption of water-soluble toxins.
13.  Cholesterol holds moisture in so that we do not dehydrate.  Cholesterol will give your skin a nice, naturally moisturized feel.

"The more natural, real cholesterol-rich foods you eat, the lower your serum (blood) cholesterol levels will be.  The less cholesterol in your diet, the higher your serum cholesterol.  Why?  Because if you don't give your body the right foods, it will ATTEMPT TO over-compensate for what it's lacking, thereby producing more cholesterol."

Sooo bottom line, Cholesterol is not your enemy but Cholesterol lowering drugs are. 

For more detailed info read this article!  The Cholesterol Myth

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