Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Blue Monkey!

Have you tried Blue Monkey Coconut Water??????  You NEED to!  It is soooo good!

The only place I have found it at isWhole Foods, which may be a good thing because if it was at every other grocery store I would probably drink way too much of it.

This is not something you need to drink everyday, but its pure coconut water, nothing else.  Its great for electrolytes, so if you have ever seen me sweat during a workout (gross I know) you would know that i need to replenish my electrolytes!  I also use to have some major issues with leg cramps due to sweating so much and not replenishing my body with proper nutrients (to the point that I was taking electrolyte pills).   Now thanks to a more nutrient dense diet and the occasional coconut water leg cramps are gone!!!

Anyone else out there tried Blue Monkey Coconut Water or have a another favorite?

P.S. Going to the Crossfit Regional Competition this weekend in Boston.  I am super siked!  I will be working with Wodify at their booth.  Wodify is an awesome software program that tracks scores/#'s for your Wod's!  If you crossfit you definitely will want to pass this along to your gym owners to check out.  Watch the videos on their homepage... see if you can spot me? 

I will post more on the crossfit regionals when I return.  I just can't wait to be surrounded by crossfitters for 4 whole days and watch some amazing competitions, lifts, and strong men and women! Woopwoop!

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