Tuesday, May 22, 2012

30 days are over...Re-Test!

Today is the final day of our 30 Day Real Food Challenge with Crossfit Aspire.  This 30 days went by really quick.  I am thinking it went by much faster than the first 30 day challenge I did because I didn't really change too much from my normal eating habits because I have been eating a pretty strict paleo diet on a regular basis.  The only change this time was I gave up all nuts/seeds for the 30 days as well as any baked "paleo treats" using almond flour/cocout flour etc.

It was good to see that I made it through 30 days with no almond butter, lara bars, or handfuls of walnuts.  I could eat an entire jar of almond butter in a few days, so it was time for a little de-tox from that.

I really focused on loading up on protein and veggies for this challenge.  I tried to limit my fruit intake as well.  During the week I would do pretty well with that, 1 serving a day or sometimes none.  But when the weekends came around I felt like I would eat my weight in fruit, don't know what that was all about.

Another goal I tried to work on for this 30 days was not "eating on the run" or while staring at the computer or TV.  Most of the time I tried to sit down at the kitchen table with no TV distracting me while I ate my meal.  And there were only a few times that i ate while driving :(  If I had to pack my lunch to eat in between gym, work and yoga classes I would try to make time to pull over in a park to eat and not attempt to spoon food into my mouth while driving.  I wanted to start appreciating my food more, take time to actually chew to help digestion, and mentally be aware of real hunger and not just eating out of board-em.

And now for the workout...
Re-Test today at Crossfit!

My workout from April 23rd:
10 rep Back Squat - 155lb
Pull-ups - 5
Burpees in 1 minute - 22
800m. Run - 3:20

Today after the 30 days:
10 rep Back Squat - 160lb
Pull-ups - 10
Burpees in 1 minute - 23
800m Run - 3:10

Improved in everything.  I was pretty excited about doubling my pull-ups.  I have really been working on them, so any progress makes me happy!


  1. Hi Bri! How long have you been doing Crossfit? I did a boot camp that was Crossfit themed for a month and loved it but not sure if I want to join. Thoughts?
    Also love your blog!

  2. Hey! Thanks so much, and your blog is super cool! I have been doing crossfit since August and I love it! Its a great combination of strength, speed, agility all that good stuff. And I LOVE lifting heavy things not going to lie!!! You should check out a crossfit near you.