Friday, April 6, 2012

CHOCOLATE EVERYWHERE!  So far I have made it through the easter season without eating any of the chocolate/sugary goodies that are all around me.

As soon as you walk into any grocery store it seems to be the first thing to smack you in the face.  I have always been a sucker for those awful Cadbury eggs too.  And I use to eat so many of them this time of the year telling myself "you only get them at easter"  Thankfully by filling up on real, healthy foods that fuel my body it has been much easier to fight off any urge to splurge on those gooey filled chocolates.  I usually can talk myself out of eating the sugar and junk by just remembering how awful I feel afterwards and remembering how great I feel when I give my body good food.

This is not to say I may enjoy a few paleo treats this weekend or enjoy some dark chocolate, but I am also not going to eat that stuff just because that is what everyone is doing.  If I feel like I really want a piece of chocolate then I will if not I will load up on my meat, veggies some fruit and enjoy the time with family and friends.  (you really don't need chocolate to be happy, but it sure does taste yummy)

I made a paleo friendly easter basket for my nephew who is 5.  I know he will be getting tons of candy so he will survive if one basket is filled with healthier treats.  And it is all stuff that he actually does like.

I filled this basket with...
2 oranges
1 apple
blueberry lara bar
baby carrots
3 ZFruit Ropes from Cliff Bar Kids
Sidewalk Chalk
Glow Sticks
It looks pretty fun to me :)


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