Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Giving This A Whirl

Going to try this blogging thing.  I am slightly obsessed with food (paleo eating to be exact), lifting heavy things and Hot Yoga.  So feel free to read my rants about all of these things. 

Took a break from lifting today, usually by Thursday my body is needing a little break.  Spent the morning at the Hot Yoga studio. I love the times that I can practice as a student.  I think continued practice makes me a better teacher.

 Now just hanging out at Cosi, taking advantage of some free Wifi. woop.  I did buy a peppermint tea.  Feel bad not buying anything and just sitting in here.

I am officially starving.  Craving some eggs, I think I will go home make some sort of omelet or soft boiled eggs with LOADS of veggies (spinach, peppers, onions and anything else I pull out of the fridge) I may even eat some bacon with that.  

Bullet Proof Coffee = YUMMY!

I have been adding some Intermittent Fasting (IF) lately, especially before a workout.  So last night I finished dinner by 8pm.  And ate nothing else after that.  I drank some Bulletproof coffee this morning before yoga and will go ahead and eat something now.  SO that was a fast of about 17 hours.  Trying to teach this body how to burn FAT for FUEL!

Here is the link for the coffee. Its soooo delish.
Bulletproof Coffee

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