Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Excuses. Excuses.

Lets talk about excuses.  

We all have them.  

There will always be a reason as to why you can't start making better choices when it comes to your health.  There is never a good time to do an elimination diet, there is never enough money to buy healthier foods, and of course there is never enough time.

So how can we overcome some of these excuses and move forward on our journey to being the healthiest we can be?

1.  Not Enough Time

            How much TV do you watch each week?  Maybe cut out 1 hour of TV 1 night a week and cook food to have for the next few days.
            Are you planning?  Find 1 day a week that is best for you (maybe Saturday or Sunday) and plan your meals for the week/pack up a few lunches/cut up veggies/cook a tray of chicken thighs/hard boil a few eggs.
            Get a crock pot.  Meat/liquid/veggies/seasoning, cook on low overnight = lunch/dinner is ready by the morning.
            Cook in bulk.  Leftover dinner = lunch

2.  It Costs Too Much

            If it is a priority you will find a way.  We find money to pay for  iphones, cable, netflix, going out to eat on weekends, the fast food drive-through, going to the movies, getting manicures, and buying music for itunes.  None of these things are bad, but maybe cutting back on one of these non-essentials will give you a little extra to put towards healthy food.
           If your car was broke you would put money into fixing it.  If your body is ‘broke’ you may need to put some money into what you are feeding it.
           Pay now, don’t pay later.  Is that extra $10 - $20/week in groceries worth it for your health?  Think about medications you won’t have to pay for, Tylenol you can stop taking on a regular basis, not having to call out of work sick, having a little more energy, living free of chronic sickness/disease.  Is it worth it?

3.  I Don’t Want To Give Up Foods I Love

            You are the only one responsible for your health.  Is it really that hard?  No.  Quitting smoking is hard.  Getting chemo treatments is hard.  Taking medications for the rest of your life is hard.  Not eating cereal for breakfast or sugar in your coffee…that’s not hard.

4.  I Don’t Want To Offend People When I Am Out To Eat/Too Much Pressure From Friends

           No one is forcing food down your throat.  You are an adult, start taking responsibility for your  own health.  Stop trying to blame other people for your current health status.  Everything you eat is your choice.  And everything you eat is either  making you healthier or less healthy.  No middle ground.
           Sometimes it’s okay to offend people when it comes to your own body.  You are the only one responsible for your health.  So, saying no to dessert or pizza is OKAY!  I promise you will still have friends.
           If you are going to a dinner party/bbq bring something to share that you know you can eat and maybe eat a little something before hand so you are not starving when you arrive.  No excuses.

I understand, these are legitimate concerns and rightfully so.  But the more we come up with excuses instead of doing what we can, the longer our health will suffer.  So instead of coming up with excuses, start thinking of what you can do to make a difference.  Even if it is one change a month.  Make a healthier breakfast.  Get rid of fast food for a week.  Add one more serving of fruits and veggies to your day.  Don't buy that bag of chips or candy bar.  JUST DO SOMETHING!


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